• Bob DeVos

    My sound is integral to who I am as a musician. With a Rob Engel guitar, I attain the sound I hear in my head, both performing live and on my recordings. They are beautifully crafted, flawlessly finished, and extremely evenly responsive instruments. The neck is especially comfortable to play, and all of this with no feedback problems! I’ve used mine on all of my recordings, and it’s easy to get a good sound in the studio. Many of my fellow guitarists and students try my Engel guitars, order their own, and are extremely happy to own a custom guitar of the highest quality at a price they can afford.

    - Bob DeVos
  • Jay Azzolina

    I’ve been searching many years for a versatile jazz guitar that produces a warm, fat tone and can also be played at higher volumes with louder rhythm sections. The Engel guitar does just that. Having played 335s and other similar semi-hollow body guitars for years, I now am able to get a much more resonate jazz tone without losing the ability to hit an overdrive pedal and rock out. The 15” Engel is really a great multi-purpose, beautifully handmade, affordable instrument. Both visually and sonically it has something special and should not be overlooked.

    - Jay Azzolina
  • The GTR is nothing short of amazing. Your craftsmanship, your attentio an over-all playability is at a very high level. The color and staining is stunning. The set up, and your unparalleled knowledge of the GTR has my choice of 11's play almost like 10's! 

    The Tone: from fat and focused to open and airy - all the time not sacrificing vibe. Thanks Rob, for creating this beautiful instrument. 

    The confidence I had in Rob Engel's abilities and innovation made the process of having a GTR built a 

    memorable experience. As a result, I not only have an amazing instrument, I know so much more about " what makes a good GTR." For me that was an added bonus. 

    Now the important stuff.... THE GUITAR INSPIRES.... The GTR takes me to new nuances in my playing. 

    - Can't wait to record with it on the upcoming record.

    - Michael James
  • I got the guitar home, and it totally kills. It's articulate but has a warmth and harmonic structure that's really special. 6.12 weight, nice balance, workmanship and fretwork is stunning too. I'm very pleased indeed. I've owned some very nice semi hollows (335, 345, PRS, Baker), and the Engel design possesses a truly unique voice, excellent balance, and stellar tone. I get asked about it all the time. I still find myself looking at other guitars, and then asking myself "why bother?" .

    - Andy Fuchs
  • Chris MorrisonRob Engel’s guitar allows me to express myself musically. My Engel guitar gives me the modern jazz guitar sound (with NO feedback) that I need with a drive and punch that are often lacking in other hollow-body instruments. Rob is an absolute master of his craft and his knowledge of woods and their tonal characteristics is second to none. His instruments sound incredible, play great and are impeccably crafted.  Thanks to Rob, I have a hollow body instrument that performs wonderfully in all professional situations.

    - Chris Morrison
  •  My favorite characteristic of Rob Engel’s guitars is the tone. It is fat, rich, warm, and has tons of sustain. I get all of the benefits of a solid body guitar as well as a hollow body with zero feedback!  Although I have always been primarily a country based guitarist, my Engel guitar has inspired me to write and create many different styles of music from Jazz, Rock, Surf to Rockabilly. Being an instrumentalist guitarist, it is nice to have all of these amazing tones to choose from; the guitar is my voice.

    - Matt Rae
  • Rob Engel is a most dedicated luthier whose talents have led him into being one of the most inventive and creative luthiers out there. When he worked with me, he always was positive as well as contributing new and fresh ideas. This was in the 1980s when my business was growing. Along with Jim Millinchuck, we three were a team that was hard to beat. The instruments we made in those days were superb. His work today is just as great, carrying on that tradition.

    - Tom Doyle