The Engel Guitar Story

I’ve been making guitars for over 20 years. I started out working for guitar and pickup maker Tom Doyle in New Jersey and later opened my own shop. The guitar started as a collaboration between guitarist Lenny Argese, Bob DeVos and me. Bob was working with organist Charles Earland and Charles played loud. Bob needed a guitar that could compete with the organ, sax and drums at the volume level that Charles played. So the first hollow body was created – which Bob still plays today.

The guitar has a traditional shape with a modern appearance and without the feedback most hollow bodies suffer from.  It is suited equally well for traditional jazz, blues or rock. It is not your typical hollow body.

Hollow bodies are available in 14”, 15” and 16” (measured across the lower bout). I also make a 14” solid body.

 Read more about it in this November 2010 Just Jazz Guitar article.